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The Tips and Tricks You Need for Packing and Moving Electronics

Electronics are valuable and very fragile. When it comes to relocating, packaging and moving these items seems intimidating and requires a lot of attention. However, with the help of proper materials and methods, you can ensure that your computers, music system, gaming consoles, and televisions are transported safely to their next destination. Below are tips and tricks you need for packing and moving your electronics.

1. Follow the product manual.

All electronics have a product manual that directs the users on how to operate the electronic device. Most owner’s manuals also have directions and information on how to pack and store the electronic device. Your product manufacturer has the right knowledge on what it takes to protect the device. In case you have lost the product manuals, you can typically find an online replica at the manufacturer’s website.

2. Prepare your electronic devices for moving.

We all value our electronics and the information and data we store in them. Back up all your files to make sure your relevant documents are protected in case of damage.

Organize your remotes and cable cords. Untangling cables make it hard to identify which device they belong to, consider putting the cords and remotes in the same box as their equivalent electronic devices.

3. Gather the right packingmaterials for your electronic devices.

It’s recommended that you pack your electronic devices in their original boxes. The manufacturer’s original packaging is the ideal way to move delicate electronic devices due to the sufficient cushioning it offers. If you don’t have the original box; you can try contacting your product manufacturer to see if they’ll send an extra original box for a small fee. If this measure doesn’t work, you need to take extra caution when packing your electronics on your own. Consider putting enough cushion and bubble wrap in the boxes, so your device does not move around.

4. Check the temperature in storage units.

Most electronic devices are sensitive to extreme temperatures. Television units and computers will need extra care when packing by storing them in climate-controlled packing units. Devices such as printers should be drained off their ink before packing because ink cartridges are sensitive to high temperatures.

5. Label all the electronic devices.

After safely packing all your electronic devices and their corresponding remote controls and cords, ensure you label the boxes as “fragile” or “this side up.” Making a list of the items in the box and creating an inventory packing sheet helps oversee the packing and moving process. Electronic boxes should be labeled as pack last so that they can be placed last on the moving truck to prevent them from being crushed.

6. Consider the safety of your valuable electronic devices.

Expensive electronic devices have high chances of drawing unwanted attention form possible thieves. To reduce the chance of losing your electronics, pack small, expensive devices such as decoders, televisions, and music system parts in unmarked boxes. You can also carry these devices in your car instead of on the moving truck.

Following these steps can guarantee a safe electronics packaging and move. If you find it hard moving your electronics on your own, consider seeking the services of a professional packing and moving company. Moving companies have expert movers who will assess your electronics ahead of time and carefully pack and move the devices for you.

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