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The excitement of having a new place can quickly turn into a headache with the realization you must pack and relocate all your belongings. Packing, transporting and then unpacking all your things, as well as organizing them in your new place, can be stressful, time-consuming and logistically complicated. But with the help of a trusted, local moving company, your move can go much more smoothly.


At Cheap Movers St. Louis, we partner with movers in the St. Louis, MO area that are vetted, licensed, and insured. The movers are local, so you can easily find a moving company nearby with the expertise and experience to help you move into your new home in no time. And our partner movers provide free quotes, so you know exactly what you are paying for.


The movers on Cheap Movers St. Louis offer a variety of services to assist you with your move across town. We can help you source a moving company that provides packing and unpacking, transportation, loading and unloading, bulky item moves and more—we’ve got you covered so that they can manage your move!

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Why Cheap Mover St. Louis?

Cheap Movers St. Louis allows you to find relocation specialists in the St. Louis area that provide completely free quotes. We don’t just help you find any mover, we help you find the best and most reliable movers in your area. We do this by vetting the moving companies we partner with, ensuring they meet rigorous standards, including licensing and insurance. These movers can deliver quality service on the day of your move.


Experience & Professionalism

All our partner relocation specialists are equipped with years of experience doing what they do best—moving. They know the most efficient ways to pack, transport, and unpack your belongings. Since they are local, you can be assured they are knowledgeable about the St. Louis area and know the best way to get from point A to B. We make sure to carefully vet all the moving companies we partner with, so you only receive service from reliable, reputable companies that are licensed and insured.



Yes, you can move your things on your own, but what happens if you damage an expensive dining table, get in a fender-bender with your rented moving truck or end up with broken china due to poor packing? In the end, undertaking the task of moving without the help of a professional can end up costing you more than you expect.


With the assistance from a Cheap Movers St. Louis moving partner you can be sure that your items are secure. Our partners are skilled in packing, using quality materials and tested protective measures to stow fragile items. Aside from meticulous packing and transportation, our movers are insured so you know your belongings are always covered.



You don’t want to trust just anyone with your belongings or personal information. Your mover will be aware of any pricey items you may own and have access to your new address and more. You can avoid the safety hazards of strangers knowing where you live and what you own by finding a local, trusted moving company on Cheap Movers St. Louis. We partner with dozens of relocation experts that are licensed and insured.



You can ask your friends and family to help you move, but only professional movers can bring top-notch efficiency. The movers on Cheap Movers St. Louis have everything you need for your move across town. That means you don’t have to worry about buying boxes and tape, renting a moving truck or gathering pulleys and moving tools. Our partners offer a variety of services including packing and unpacking, loading and unloading, transportation and even storage options—all available with a 100% free quote.


Peace of Mind

With a reliable moving company from Cheap Movers St. Louis, not only will your moving needs be fulfilled, but you will be at ease knowing the job is completed by licensed and experienced professionals. The companies we partner with are insured, so your items are secure.  You don’t have to spend hours doing the moving yourself, and with a free moving quote you know exactly what you are paying. Save yourself the stress and gain peace of mind with a reputable relocation specialist from Cheap Movers St. Louis.

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Moving Services for Homes, Offices, and More

Whether you’re moving out of a home or moving out of an office—no matter what you need help with on the day of your short-distance move, you can easily find a moving service ideal for you on Cheap Movers St. Louis. We partner with dozens of movers in the St Louis, MO area so that you can find the services that you need, including appliance, piano and furniture moves. And our moving partners provide a 100% free quote, so you know what you will be paying upfront.


House or Apartment Moves

With Cheap Movers St Louis, you can source a trusted mover that can help you move out of your apartment or home. They can move your bulky items or take care of the entire moving process for you.


Commercial Moves

Moving your business into a new building? By handling all the moving logistics, a mover from Cheap Movers St. Louis can make your office relocation much simpler. They can move all your office items, including bulky office desks and fragile computers.


Piano Moves

Large, delicate, and expensive—relocating a piano from one place to another can be extremely difficult. From getting it out the door to making sure your costly instrument makes it to your new place damage-free, moving a piano is the last thing you want to think about during your move. Cheap Movers St. Louis has multiple movers specializing in safely relocating pianos.


Appliance Moves

Aside from helping you move your plates and home decor across town, our moving partners are prepared with the tools and manpower needed to carefully relocate your large heavy appliances such as fridges, washing machines, and ovens.


Bulky Item Move

Have a large pool table you can’t move on your own? Our partners are trained in handling bulky item relocations. They have experience moving everything from pool tables and large TVs to storage sheds and banquet dining tables. Your local mover will make sure your items arrive safely to its new destination.


Furniture Moving

From handling heirloom lamps to fragile glass side tables, our relocation partners are experts in efficiently and carefully handling all types of furniture during your short-distance move. All our moving partners are licensed and insured, so you know your items are safe and secure.



Have too much stuff? One of our partner moving companies can do all the legwork for you. Every mover is trained in safely packing and unpacking all sorts of items, from clothes and shoes to kitchen appliances and electronics.



On Cheap Movers St Louis, you can quickly find a moving service in the St. Louis area that will take care of carefully loading and unloading your possessions. All our partner movers are insured, so you can have a peace of mind knowing your belongings are secure during your short-distance move.


Same Day Moves

Whether you’ve changed your mind about using a moving service on the day of your move or you must suddenly relocate, you can easily source a moving company on Cheap Movers St Louis that provides same day and last-minute relocation services.



Aside from helping you make your move, the moving companies we partner with also offer storage options. You can find a mover on Cheap Movers St. Louis that can cater to your storage needs during your move.


To get started with finding reliable help for your upcoming move, request quotes from Cheap Movers St. Louis. Compare rates from insured movers for free!

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