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Moving can be rough. It involves days, and sometimes even weeks, of packing up your items and loading them up, just to get to your new place to unpack and unload. Not to mention all the preparation you must do beforehand, like renting a moving van or hiring movers and buying boxes and supplies. Undertaking a relocation on your own lends you little time to enjoy your new place, and instead adds extra stress, costs, work and worry.


With Cheap Movers St. Louis, your relocation is made a whole lot simpler. You can source a moving company that offers the services at the prices you are looking for. That includes anything from full-service moves to help hauling large appliances. Our trusted partners offer a variety of services, including custom services, so you so don’t have to worry about completing a single item on your to-do list on your own. On Cheap Movers St. Louis, browse through multiple moving companies, search through a variety of services and source custom services—all with a 100% free quote.

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Life in St. Louis, Missouri

Founded by two fur traders and named after a French king, the city of St. Louis has made a name for itself since its founding in 1764. Home to the first ice cream cone, butter cake, and 7-Up, this once quiet town has become a booming metropolis, now boasting a population of over 300,000. Visitors can enjoy the cities vibrant sights, such as the Gateway Arch, or take in the beauty of the natural scenery at the expansive Forest Park. If you’ve already decided to make St. Louis your home, you’ll have the pleasure of enjoying historic French style homes and not just one, but two downtowns, where you can find fine dining, appreciate the arts at museums, and shop local boutiques. If you are still considering moving here, the city’s proximity to the Mississippi River and gazing Ozarks Mountains makes living here a treat. If that doesn’t convince you, the city’s gorgeous fall foliage, multiple museums, and lush gardens will definitely change your mind.


With the city’s vibrant culture, public attractions, and natural beauty, your decision to move to the grand city of St. Louis should be easy. But deciding how you are going to get there may not be that simple. You may be concerned about the affordability of hiring a professional mover, the logistics of making the move or maybe the safety of entrusting your belongings with someone. With Cheap Movers St. Louis, you can source a trusted mover that is licensed and insured, as well as affordable—making your move to the beautiful city a breeze.

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Moving Services for All Types of Relocations

Cheap Movers St. Louis allows you to compare the prices of local moving companies and easily find the services you need, whether you are looking to hire someone to take care of the entire relocation for you, or you just need a little help packing.


Residential Movers

Need help moving out of your home? The professionals on Cheap Movers St. Louis have completed hundreds of residential relocations. Our partners provide a 100% free quote, so you can find a moving company that fits your budget with ease.


Local Movers

Whether you are moving across the street or across town, a professional mover can make your short-distance relocation quick and simple. On Cheap Movers St. Louis, you can source movers that offer hourly moving rates, so you know you’re getting a great deal for your local move.


Long-Distance Movers

Movnig a long distance makes any relocation even more complicated. With a trusted professional, all your moving needs can be taken care of. Since we vet all our moving partners and make sure they are licensed and insured, you can be sure your belongings are in safe hands during the long move.


Apartment Movers

Having a smaller place doesn’t necessarily mean your move will be easy. Moving still requires plenty of planning, time, and heavy lifting. You can source a relocation specialist that offers hourly moves on Cheap Movers St. Louis, so hiring a professional for your apartment relocation is still a smart choice.


Household Movers

Whether you need help moving your appliances, hauling bulky items or disassembling extra-large furniture, a mover from Cheap Movers St. Louis can help. By hiring a mover, you will have less stress moving out of your home and more time to enjoy your new place.


Furniture Movers

With Cheap Movers St. Louis, you can source a variety of customized moving services to fit your needs, including furniture relocation. Whether it’s hauling heavy items, disassembling large furniture or moving delicate pieces, a professional relocation specialist can help. They are experienced in safely relocating any kind of furniture.


Piano Movers

Your piano may be an heirloom or may just be extremely expensive; you don’t want to trust just anyone to move it for you. But it’s bulky and heavy form makes it difficult for you to move it on your own; not to mention that it requires specialized tools and equipment to relocate. Our licensed and insured movers have plenty of experience moving pianos, making moving your piano less stressful.


Appliance Movers

By hiring a professional moving company, relocating your large, heavy appliances, such as fridges, washing machines and ovens, can be less of a hassle. With the help of an expert mover, the relocation of these heavy items is a piece of cake.


Senior Movers

Do you have a loved one that is older, or are you yourself an older individual that can’t move heavy items so easily? With full-service moves, a professional mover can take care of the entire relocation process for you, putting less stress on yourself or your loved one. By hiring a mover on Cheap Movers St. Louis, you can be sure your mover is vetted, licensed and insured.


Cheap Movers St. Louis is here to make your move easier, no matter how near or far it takes you! Get started with a free moving quote today.

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