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Moving Day Advice | How Much to Tip Your Movers & Other FAQs

When your big moving day finally arrives, you may still have questions that need to be answered to execute a smooth move. Below, you will find four of the most frequently asked questions about moving day.

1. Will professional movers pack and load my items for me on or before moving day?

During your initial consultation with your moving company, you have the chance to request specific moving services from them. One of these services includes having them come into your home to pack all of your possessions professionally. This service will cost you extra money but will save you time and reduce your stress. Be sure that you read over the contract with your moving company very carefully before signing it to ensure that the packing service is included in the contract and the final cost. The protocol for packing your items may vary with each professional moving company as they will create their protocol on how to schedule packing up a home, whether they do it weeks ahead of time or the day of the move.

2. How much should I tip my movers?

Unlike with the waitstaff at restaurants, there’s no widely accepted percentage or amount of money that should be tipped to your professional movers. If your movers satisfactorily execute their job and you feel that they’ve earned a tip, an acceptable tipping standard to practice is to tip them either 5% of the total bill from the moving company or to tip the movers $20 per worker. This is simply a loose suggestion, so if you feel like tipping your movers more than this, feel free to reward them for their hard work as you see fit.

3. What do I do with stuff I don’t want to take with me?

This is a common issue that everyone runs into when they begin a big move. If you’re going through your home to begin packing only to find closets and drawers full of items you don’t want, throwing them away should be your last option. Instead, consider donating your unwanted items. The first option is to find a local charity that will pick up your unwanted items for free. Certain charities can even give you a receipt so you can write the items off on your taxes. A second option is to donate your unwanted items to a local homeless shelter. Keep in mind that charities and homeless shelters will only take undamaged items. There is one charity, Easter Seals, who will take stained and torn clothing as well as unmatched socks.

4. How do I stay organized on moving day?

Keep all of your important paperwork together. Use a file folder with labels to organize the documents you’ll need for your big move. Maintain contact with the moving company that’s responsible for loading and driving your items to your new home. The night before your big move, create a list of all things that need to be done on moving day so you can cross them off as you do them.

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