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Moving to a new home takes a lot of time and planning but having to relocate long-distance adds a whole other layer of difficulties. Interstate and out-of-state moves are not only stressful and time-consuming, but end up being very costly, as well. From renting a moving truck, to purchasing gasoline, to spending long hours driving and navigating unknown locations and complex directions—making the move across or out of the state is a laborious task you shouldn’t undertake without the help of a professional.


With Cheap Movers St. Louis, you can source a moving company in St. Louis that specializes in moving across the state and country, so that you can focus on your future in your new home instead of the hassle and difficulty of getting there. A reputable moving company can take care of packing and loading your belongings and transporting your stuff to your new home. With the moving details taken care of, you can spend your time getting acquainted with your new place instead. Request a free quote now using our convenient online form!

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Interstate Moving Services for the Long Haul

We partner with plenty of moving companies in the St. Louis, MO area that are experienced in transporting your belongings long distances, whether that’s across the state or across multiple states. Each mover is trained in properly and securely packing your belonging to prevent any mishaps during the long drive.


With a mover from Cheap Movers St Louis, you will have a reliable company undertaking your packing and loading for you, as well as the long, strenuous drive. The companies we work with are vetted and licensed, so you can be sure your belongings are in good hands and your items will arrive at their destination securely. Our partners provide a variety of moving services.


Apartment & House Moves

The movers we partner with are equipped with years of experience completing cross-country moves. They can take care of all your packing and loading needs, as well as handling the long drive and navigation.


Office Moves

The logistics of moving your entire office to a new state can prove chaotic. With a mover from Cheap Mover St. Louis your relocation is made less stressful. We partner with multiple moving companies that are experts in relocating businesses and offices across state lines.


Furniture Moves

Out of everything you must transition into your new residence, furniture can be the most cumbersome. From long sectionals to heavy dining tables and delicate glass pieces, the movers on Cheap Mover St. Louis are trained in properly packing your furniture, carefully transporting it during the long ride, and attentively unloading each piece.


Piano Moves

Pianos are large, bulky, and hard to move. During a demanding, long-distance relocation, having a professional moving company handle your piano move will make your relocation much less taxing. Our partner moving companies have the tools required and experience needed for hauling your expensive piano and making sure it arrives at your new home securely.


Storage Solutions

The movers on Cheap Mover St. Louis strive to make your transition across or outside of the state as simple as possible. This means providing not just moving services, but storage solutions for your storage needs while you move.


Full-Service Moves

With everything you need to worry about during your long-distance relocation, taking on the packing, loading, and driving on your own can be a lot to handle. A mover on Cheap Movers St Louis can manage the entire moving process for you. They will tend to your moving needs, including packing, unpacking, loading and unloading. Your mover will also take care of the long drive and navigation.

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Your Long-Distance Moving To-Do List

An interstate or out-of-state move can be chaotic and time-consuming, but a professional mover can make the process go much more smoothly and efficiently. To reduce the number of items on your to-do list the week of your move, there a few things you can do to prepare.


Decide What You Need

A few weeks before your move-out date, it’s time to begin planning your move. Start by finding a trusted moving company on Cheap Mover St Louis that provides the services you need for your relocation. We partner with moving companies that provide a variety of valuable services, from piano and bulky-item moves to full-service relocation assistance—all with a free quote. You’ll want to decide on your budget for the move and what services you will need for the big day.


Find the Perfect Mover

For long distance moves, the last thing you want to worry about is dealing with an unreliable mover or finding out the services you need cost more than you expected. With Cheap Mover St. Louis, you will be able to find a moving company that provides the services you are looking for. And since Cheap Mover St. Louis partners with movers that provide 100% free quotes, you’ll know right off the bat you are getting the best deal for your needs. Make sure to talk to your mover to finalize the services and pricing, as well as your move-in date so your mover can plan accordingly.


Label and Organize

The last thing you want once you get to your new place is to spend hours and days unpacking. To help cut back on time, it is important to pack your belongings in an organized manner, as well as label boxes appropriately. This will make it easier to find and sort your items once you arrive at your new place. If you don’t want to undertake everything yourself, there are plenty of moving companies on Cheap Movers St. Louis that can handle your packing and unpacking needs.


Cut Loose Ends

Before moving into your new home, it is vital that you close out all your accounts and affairs at your older residence. Make sure to turn in your rental keys, cancel any services you have such as cable or internet, and shut off your utilities, including electricity and water.


Be Prepared to Unpack

You’ll want to make sure you have easy access to items you will need during the unpacking phase of your move. This includes things like toiletries such as toothpaste and soap, cleaning supplies and food money or easy-to-make meals. Set these items aside in a separate essentials box that you keep with you during the move.


Cheap Movers St. Louis can help you get to your out-of-state destination faster with help from reliable, professional movers. Contact us today to request free interstate moving quotes.

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