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There are a lot of items to move during a relocation, from small belongings to large tables and chairs. Even if your place is small, crating and getting everything ready for your move on your own takes a lot of time out of your already busy schedule.


With a local mover on Cheap Movers St. Louis, your packing needs are taken care of. We partner with relocation specialists in the St. Louis, MO who are experts in handling all kinds of relocations. They know how to expertly pack all your belongings securely and carefully. Since all our partners are licensed and insured, you can be assured your items are secure and that they are in good hands. And the moving companies we partner with provide a 100% free moving quote, so you can easily find a packer that fits your budget.

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Let Someone Else Do the Packing

Packing is more than just throwing a bunch of things in a moving box. If crating and unpacking is not done properly, it can lead to damaged, defected, and broken items costing you hundreds or even thousands of dollars to replace or fix—really bad news.


The techniques, know-how, materials and tools for proper crating and unpacking are available through professional moving companies. They have years of experience handling stressful moves. You can easily find a trusted local moving company on Cheap Movers St. Louis. Our partners provide a variety of packing and unpacking services to meet your unique needs.


Full Packing

With full packing, our moving partners take care of the entire packing process for you. That means all your items will be securely crated and carefully loaded using packing materials as needed. The movers on Cheap Movers St. Louis are also insured, so you know your belongings safe throughout the relocation.


Partial Packing

If you are on a budget, partial packing may be a good solution for you. With partial packing, our partner movers will manage boxing your fragile, breakable items for you. They are skilled in securely packing delicate items, using specialized materials and tested techniques.


Packing for Storage

Do you have a few items you need to pack up and ship over to your storage unit? The movers on Cheap Movers St. Louis can move your items for you. They can take care of the packing, loading, unloading and unpacking. Many of our partners also have storage warehouses available to store your surplus stuff. They’ll ensure all your items are properly prepped to endure time in storage.



Once you get to your new residence, the last thing you want to worry about is unpacking all your belongings. The movers we partner with on Cheap Movers St. Louis can do all the hard work for you. They can unpack your items, so you can spend your time getting accustomed to your new place.


Antiques, Art & Collectible Packing

The movers on Cheap Movers St. Louis are experts in securely crating valuable pieces, including your prized antiques and artwork. They have the necessary materials required to pack them up and are skilled in carefully transporting delicate items, so you can be assured they arrive at your new location safely.


Furniture Disassembly & Reassembly

Tables, desks, and bookshelves—your move probably requires a good amount of furniture disassembly. Our moving partners provide both disassembly and reassembly services. They are equipped with all the tools and skills needed to take your extra-large furniture pieces apart and put them back together again.

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Tips for Packing Up and Moving Your Home

Your life doesn’t stop just because you are moving, and you probably already have one hundred other things to worry about. You shouldn’t have to worry about relocating to your new space on top of everything else. With a local mover, all your moving needs are taken care of for you. To prepare for your move there a few items of business you should take care of first.


Find a Mover

After deciding on your move-out day, the most important thing to do is find the ideal mover. Moving companies provide multiple services, from full-service moves to just handling your loading and unloading. You want to make sure you find a mover that is knowledgeable about the local area, insured and licensed.


Cheap Movers St. Louis partners with dozens of movers in the St. Louis area that are vetted, licensed, insured and provide a free quote. After deciding which relocation specialist you want to go with, finalize the services you need and let your mover know your moving details.


Organize Properly

To make the move go faster and easier, it’s imperative to organize all your items in an efficient manner. Clothes should be placed with other clothes, kitchen supplies with kitchen supplies and electronics with electronics. This will make packing, and especially unpacking, go more smoothly.


One Room, One Box

Along with properly organizing items, another way to making sorting a breeze is making sure to pack boxes in accordance to rooms. Don’t mix one rooms items with another in the same box. Doing this can make the unpacking phase drag out and make it more complicated than it should be.


Label the Fragile Items

Although movers are experienced in handling delicate items, you want to make sure to label and let your mover know which boxes contain fragile, delicate things, so they can handle these with care. Many movers provide services specifically tailored for handling fragile, expensive equipment such as lab equipment or electronics. You can find a local mover that provides those services directly on Cheap Movers St. Louis.


Cut Out the Old

Whether you are upgrading furniture or downsizing your residence, there may be a few items you are not taking along with you during your relocation. A few weeks before your move-out date, you should decide what items are moving on with you to the new place and what items are not.


If you have several unwanted things, it may be a good idea to consider renting a storage unit. Most moving companies provide storage solutions, and most the movers we partner with on Cheap Movers St. Louis provide storage units and can take care of moving all your surplus item to your storage unit for you.


When you’re ready to book your move, call Cheap Movers St. Louis! We’ll pair you with a moving company at an affordable rate, so you can start planning for your relocation.

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