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5 Ways to Help Your Dog Adjust When Moving Into a New Apartment

Dogs stress out during a move just like their human companions do. They are moving into a new space, complete with new smells, sights, and sounds. To keep the stress levels to a minimum, and make the move into your new apartment as smooth as possible, use these easy tips from the top apartment movers.

Stick with Routine

A dog’s life usually revolves around a daily routine. There are times to go to bed, eat, go for a walk, exercise, and take a nap. Moving to a new place is going to upset everyone’s routines, including those of your canine companion. It is important to try to stick as close to your and your dog’s routines as possible.  Maintaining routines will lower stress for everyone throughout the move.

Find a Pet Sitter for Moving Day

The day everything is moved from one place to another is going to be chaotic and highly stressful. To keep the dog’s stress levels down, and to keep him or her from getting underfoot, find a pet sitter for moving day. It could be a family member or a friend. If the move is for a single day, taking the dog to daycare is another option. It has the added benefit of getting your dog some exercise on a very stress filled day.

Pack for Your Pup

One of the most common tips for moving is to separate essential items (toilet paper, paper plates, pots, etc.) into special boxes so you can get to them easily. Make sure you do the same for the dog. You may not be able to get all the dog items out while you are unpacking and shuffling things around, so an essentials box is critical.

Pack enough food to last a few days along with treats and water bowls. Have familiar bedding available to give him or her a safe, familiar spot. Add a few favorite toys to the packing list as well.

Give Your Dog Plenty of Exercise

Plan on giving your dog plenty of exercise on the days before, during and after the move. This will let him or her work out stress before it starts impacting the digestive or nervous system. Even a quick 10-minute walk twice a day will do the trick.

Take a hike in the woods. Go for a long run. Drive to the dog park for a good off-leash play session. Each of these activities will have the added benefit of lowering your own stress levels.

Give Your Dog Time

Getting used to a new place is going to take time. Your dog will be experiencing a lot of new sights, smells, and sounds during the transition. He may bark when the neighbor shuts his door. She might run to the window every time she hears a car. He may want to sniff everything possible every time you take him outside.

Be as patient as possible and give the dog time to adjust. Correct unwanted behaviors gently, but firmly. Yelling or getting upset will only confuse the dog. In time, your dog will adjust and love life in his new home.

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